Dust collector of Shot blasting equipment is to remove the dust in the cleaning room and other devices within the air to prevent the pollution of the atmosphere. And then how to choose shot blasting machine equipment?

First, dustproof, no power dust

Such as loading and unloading material, with a trough when belt transport, you can greatly reduce the dust and dust handling capacity: in dealing with bulk material, should be used in the local closed, so that the dust and soot in which the cycle of consumption to its kinetic energy, dust It is basically a natural settlement down. This kind of mechanical dustproof and dustproof accessories are known as no power dust in foreign countries. It is suitable for non-power dust removal in most places. Or the first use of non-power dust pretreatment, prevention is always more cost-effective than treatment.

Second, the auxiliary use of spray mist or foam dust

For the relatively high temperature of the flue gas, direct spray to achieve evaporative cooling can use a small amount of water to cool the flue gas, volume shrinkage, speed reduction is also conducive to dust. The other side can make the dust particles wet, adhere to each other, cohesion, grow up, and then easy to separate the atmosphere. So from the emission reduction, energy saving to reduce the cost point of view, - no power dust and direct spray dust are best choice.

Third, ventilation dust

The use of ventilation and dust removal system also consider the low energy consumption of electricity, and finally consider the bag filter. China is almost the vast majority of ventilation and dust, and dust accessories, there have been to solve the problem of emission reduction, but the operating costs are high. Of course, some shot blasting machine dust removal efficiency is also difficult to solve the practical problems.

    The above is the choice of shot blasting machine dust accessories a few requirements, mainly from the energy-saving emission reduction considerations, of course, the main purpose is to blasting dust, which must be guaranteed.
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