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The relationship between shot blasting volume & power consumption

Le 26 décembre 2016, 07:48 dans Humeurs 0

DX Blast is engineered to handle blasting away surface contamination, rust, scale and other impurities,Shot Blasting Device from DX BLAST
here are three sets of shot blast volume and power consumption curve as Figure 2,3,4 that based on the test data from Table 1.From the figure, the data of the points to be tested are basically in line, and the intersection point with the abscissa indicates that the no-load power is 4.16 kilowatt. If the no-load power is excluded, the shot volume is proportional to the power consumption relationship. However, under different experimental conditions, the slope of the curve is slightly different, the greater the slope of the curve, a certain amount of blast conditions, the smaller the power consumption.
① test conditions (Figure 2):
outside diameter of impeller: I80mm,window angle of directional set: a=450, inside diameter of intake tube: 88 mm.

Figure 2  Blade and impeller at different positions, the blast volume and power consumption curve

② test conditions (Figure 3):
Outer diameter of impeller: 88 mm, window 40X17 mm; window angle of control cage: a=EO0; inside diameter of intake tube: 55 mm.

Figure 3 when the diameter of impeller is different, the blast volume and power consumption curve.

③ test conditions (Figure 4):
Inside diameter of impeller: 100 mm, and inner diameter is 67 mm; window of impeller is 45x20mm; window angle of control cage: a=60°.

Figure 4when the inside diameter of intake tube is different, the blast volume and power consumption curve.

An Easy Halloween Treat Bag

Le 19 janvier 2016, 04:10 dans Humeurs 0

Welcome to the igotoshop Studio blog post today. We can share an easy Halloween treat bag and tag that you can create home printables, Jordan alphabet stamp, Jordan alphabet stamp outline, Thankful stamp, Tradition stamp,  October exclusive kit and Halloween acrylics and glitter foam pieces.

These treat bag you can gift boxed gifts for others, or as a collection, in short, these treat bag are very nice and worth collecting.

These bags are available for only one night, 24 hours, on 2015-10-31! Many people end up keeping these bags, since there only available for one day, the prices of them soar up after that. Opening up the bags will reward you with various items, some old, some new.

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How to conduct a competition analysis

Le 12 janvier 2016, 03:43 dans Humeurs 0

Industry competitive analysis, market size, the scope for market competition, market growth, current stage, and size, and other aspects of, and then to locate their products.

The size of the market: small markets or new competitors generally do not attract large; market often caused the company's interest in the attractive market because they want to establish a firm's competitive position.

Competition scope of competition: the market is local? Of regional or national scope?

Growth rate: fast-growing markets will encourage other companies to enter; slow growth makes the market more competitive, and weaker competitors out of business.

Present stage in the growing cycle: is in its initial development phase, the period of fast growth, maturity and stagnation or a recession?
Number and relative size of competitors: industry is broken down by numerous small firms is dominated by several large companies?
The number and relative size of buyers;

Throughout the supply chain, integration of integrated forward or backward, to what extent? Because in part of the fully integrated, integrated and non-integrated companies tend to produce a competitive difference and cost differences between;

Types of distribution channels reach buyers;
Production process innovation and new products the speed of technological change;

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